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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Associated Press reports that Bush got 4258 votes out of a total of 638 votes counted in a suburban Columbus Ohio district. This is not a misprint, and it is only the tip of the iceberg.

Andrew 5:03 PM

If this election was again stolen, then it was the death of a thousand cuts this time. The more complicated the story, the harder to explain it, especially in the face of a repulsive uniformity in most sectors of the media in accepting the election results as both valid and a mandate for the criminal corporatists ultra right wing agenda.

Even if the results are valid, which is in grave doubt, the majority would be the slimmest since 1911. This is no mandate.

But it gets worse.

Before the election, the republican party in Florida sued successfully to prevent the new electronic voting machines there from having a paper trail. We may now have strong evidence of why. Florida's smaller counties, with large majorities of registered democrats all had large majority vote results for Bush...check out this shocking graph! This trend was reversed in larger counties where the world's attention was fixed. In the well known larger counties the vote was consistent with party registrations. But the democrat votes counted for Bush in Florida overall were enough to win the state, which would have gone for Bush if small counties votes matched party registration rates.

To quote Dick Morris (who thinks the Democrats fixed the exit polls..ha ha.)
"This was no mere mistake. Exit polls cannot be as wrong across the board as they were on election night. I suspect foul play."
Andrew 3:55 PM

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Holy moly neem karoli hit me with a ravioli !
Gary Trudeau is picking up on the Bush administration's copping of the Stoner Brother's movie idea:
The president is an alien from outer space.

Check out today's Doonesbury cartoon

The evidence just keeps piling up.

And today is the night of the event, movies and music in Alameda, California and Philidelphia, Pennsylvania.
Andrew 9:59 AM

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Everyone should go immediately to Greg Palast's website
or the BBC newsnight site
There was a profoundly important new report on the BBC newsnight program tonight, the video for which will be available for at least a few more days.

The Bush Dirty Tricks playbook has been uncovered and there is a new voter list in Florida intended to prevent African Americans from voting.
Check it out.

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, it has.

Andrew 1:12 AM

Friday, October 22, 2004

This just in: Bush Campaign manager Ken Mehlman admits the Stoner Brothers were right... Bush is an extraterrestrial!

Ok. The election is in a very few days now. Will the space aliens scam their way into the white house a second time? We must be vigilant and whatever happens, let's not take it sitting down.

The editing of the documentary continues. Despite various legal attacks on myself and my crew by the Stoner Brothers, we will be releasing this amazing picture. While they do not refrain from taking issue with the way I may or may not portray them in the finished film, the first amendment has allowed us to go forward with an abundant lack of their approval. In fact, only very very rough cuts have ever been seen, so they really should wait until the real movie is done before judging and certainly before suing.I am not unconvinced that they will not fail view it in a less unfavorable light at that time.

In other news, please check out the new update to
There is a great event for anyone in the bay area on October 27th from 5pm-11pm.
Music, movies and more at the spectacular Auctions by the bay theater and park at point Alameda.

Upcoming updates will be less infrequent. I promise.

Andrew 5:31 PM

Monday, October 06, 2003

Having spent every penny I had as well as maxing out my co-producer's credit
cards to pay for our first two cross country filming marathons, I could not
afford any delays as I drove to the bay area to catch a non-refundable airplane
to Colorado to film some crucial celebrity cameos. On my way from my
mountaintop home in far northern California, driving down a dirt mountian road
with my cameras, sticks, lights, sound gear, and everything else I needed to
finish the movie in the back of my station wagon, my wheels slipped on a patch
of gravel and my car slid right off the cliff. The car with me and my movie
studio in it tumbled in a slow barrell roll down the side of a dirt cliff,
rolling 360 degrees and winding up stuck on a boulder, right side up.
Shockingly, all of my gear and my body were PERFECTLY FINE, not a scratch thank
goodness (I'll only drive Volvos forever now) but the car wheels were badly out
of alignment and the roof was crushed almost flat on the right side. The front
windshield and side windows were completely destroyed, leaving a blue sparkling
trail of tiny glass cubes down the cliffside.
I called all of the local towing companies on my cellphone but they would not
go out to my remote location, miles from the nearest highway, bus or hotel.
I managed to get a friend on the phone. An hour later, Doc, a jolly old
retired tow truck driver showed up and pulled my car onto the road. He helped
me knock the remaining broken glass out of the windows and sent me on my way.

If the movie was to be finished, I had to make it to the airport, 200 miles
away , in 12 hours, and it was getting dark.
I had no choice. I put a clear plastic cheap welder's mask over my face, and
tied a scarf around my neck. I had no gloves.
Let me tell you, if you are ever driving down a pitch dark highway at 65 miles
per hour on a cold February night using a welders mask instead of a front
windshield, be sure to avoid my mistakes. Always carry a rag to wipe away the
thick blinding fog from your warm breath that will coat the inside of the cold
welders mask, and no matter what happens, DO NOT TURN YOUR HEAD!
The mask will fly off in the wind and you will be dangerously blinded by the
oncoming wind.
If you are lucky, and you don't lose your grip on the wheel with your numb
frozen fingers and crash or get arrested for reckless dirving you might make it
50 miles down the road to the nearest town where you can abandon your car and a
friend can meet you at 2 am, load up your gear and drive you to the airport by
6 am and you will finish your movie.

And it will be a great movie. I'll stake my life on it.
Andrew 9:22 AM

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Hey friends , welcome to my weblog. Thanks for reading. We are almost done taking footage for the documentary and it we have some amazing footage. These guys have really surprised me in their ability to work with no script, no money, marginal experience and, let's face it, a very limited skillset and come out with a big Hollywood deal in so little time. They never cease to amaze me.
Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the film and the brothers Stoner.
Andrew 6:06 PM


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