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Stoner Brothers Log

Friday, March 07, 2003

Kerry Stoner here........Well It looks like "W" is going to get his war. Over the weekend, Dubya claims to have listened to the protests, meditated upon these matters and come to the conclusion that war with Iraq is for the greater good and security of this country....... In the immortal words of cousin Randy.... "Booolsheeiit !"...... George Dubya is not making any these decisions himself. Puh-lease! We all know it is the powerful multi-national corporate/ military industrial complex that wants this war. But this administration is "shocked..shocked" if you dare suggest otherwise .It is getting hard to even really tell who the good guys are, y'know people who act out of conscience and not out of the concerns of the almighty dollar, at whose altar we worship. Not to be cynical, ( I am ) but look who stands to make billions in Iraq if there is an American takeover; Haliburton- VP Dick Cheney's firm, Texaco- Dubya's oil buddies and just about every other evil American corporation that can use it's money and influence to win juicy government contracts to re-build Iraq or control it's oil. Look who has oil contracts already in Iraq- France, Russia, and China, the very countries that oppose us at the U.N. I would like to think that their opposition to the war is out of righteous moral qualms about invading a country that has made no overt hostile aggressive move towards the U.S, and perhaps these governments really are responding to the outrage of their citizens, but my cynicism tells me otherwise. The freedom snatchers are everywhere people, we willfully put them in power and give them more power because we are scared. The "Bush Doctrine" states that we reserve the right to preliminarily strike first at any emerging threat. Folks, that is any emerging threat as defined by our government. Think about the international precedent that sets. What if in the future, some countries decide we are an emerging threat and seek to do the same for us. Will they quote the "Bush Doctrine " as justification for their theoretical attack. Don't think it can happen? Well that is the way these thing work folks. It's like abortion, If the government takes away a women's right to choose whether or not to carry a fetus to term, can't a future more totalitarian government also force a women to abort her fetus against her will using the same logic. The precedent has been set, the logic is the same. The government is still interfering in what should be someone's personal choice regardless of how distasteful some might find abortion. Is not the alternative so much worse? Isn't protecting the right of women to make this painful decisions themselves, without Big Brother interfering, more important ? Do we really want to give this power away? Freedoms are hard fought to gain but all too easy to give up. And no one wants to give them back when they are gone. Look at ancient Rome. By the time most Romans realized that their republican constitution had been nullified by Augustus, it was too late, the damage done. Rome became an Imperial monarchy and the power of the people to have any say in their government was gone. Even the powerful senate became an symbolic empty body devoid of any real meaningful power. Can't happen here you say...Ask women from China about forced abortions in their countries "one child only policy". Study the history of ancient Rome. Somehow it all just validates the basis of our movie Invasion of the Freedom Snatchers. It is all too easy to sense some nefarious plot in motion, some devious goal, some hideous design. The watering down of the Bill of Rights- which americans gave their lives for- is merely the first step. Paranoid you say? Well just because I am paranoid doesn't mean their not after me. But it's okay, relax, drive your 5 mile per gallon 4 wheel drive SUV that never ventures off paved road and pretend everything is going to be okay. Safety and security are worth giving up a little freedom for. Can't wait for the stock market to go on it's next huge bull run you say ? Staying too drunk on the unsustainable rising equity of your home to care ? That's okay just stick your head into the dirt and remember.... Dubya really is in control and is acting in our best interests.....The aliens aren't real...Nobody controls our destiny...

Peace and many bong-hits !!!!- Kerry Stoner
Kerry 1:57 PM


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